Core Competencies

Marinship Development Interest brings more than 30 years of experience in building construction, civil infrastructure, consulting, real estate development and energy infrastructure. We plan, execute and supervise innovative and sustainable projects that can support the future-proofing of the communities we serve. Our firm leadership, employees and labor forces call the San Francisco Bay area home, and we look forward to creating new opportunities to help enhance the quality of life for this community’s residents, businesses and institutions. 

We have completed more than 500 projects for state, municipal and private sector clients, including housing and urban development, aviation, transportation and public transit agencies, as well as mixed-use real estate development projects. We are currently developing 78 condominium units at the Hunters Point Shipyard and participating in several affordable housing projects in San Francisco and Marin County.

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Our concrete crews are proficient in structural concrete as well as flatwork. We form, place and finish walls, foundations, rat slabs, sidewalks, curb and gutter, and hardscape. The craftsmanship we bring to the worksite is unmatched, which is why our clients have trusted our commitment to quality for nearly three decades.

Construction Management

Marinship Development Interest serves as owner's representative managing schedules, budgets and design revisions while also performing quality assurance, in adherence to field operations safety requirements. By providing oversight on our clients’ behalf, we ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency in the allocation of project resources.


Our labor forces are trained to conduct extensive pre-planning to maximize risk mitigation and limit ongoing disruption to transit and pedestrians’ day-to-day activities when performing demolition services. We implement safety measures to continually incorporate California’s seismic construction requirements into our workflow, when removing debris and building materials from the worksite.


Strategic planning and precision are key to executing a successful excavation project to the approved depths for foundation footings, pile caps and slabs. Safety is our main priority in the dewatering, shoring and excavation of all types of soil materials.

Grading and Paving

We bring the skills, workforce and fleet of equipment to execute small to medium sized grading and paving projects. These projects include grading and paving over projects over 50,000 square feet of construction haul roads to minor patch paving for capping of environmentally sensitive areas.

Hazardous Materials Remediation

Our specialized approach to removing hazardous materials can be adapted based on a worksite’s level of contamination. For more than 30 years, we have continually maintained strict compliance with Cal OSHA protocols and disposed of harmful items ethically, by leveraging the services of hazardous waste landfills.

Partnering with waste management experts has provided us with the ability to guarantee that hazardous materials from Marinship managed worksites are kept at a safe distance from housing, agriculture, and the local water supply.

In addition, we maintain an emergency response plan and provide continuous training aligned with OSHA standards to empower our laborers to dispose of potentially dangerous chemicals, substances and pollutants appropriately.

Renewable Energy

Marinship is committed to helping the State of California achieve its goal of becoming 100% free of fossil fuels to stop climate change. Within the past few years, we have expanded our focus to developing renewable and sustainable energy assets including solar, thermal, hydrogen, renewable landfill gas, EV charging infrastructure and battery storage.


Marinship sandblasting crews bring more than 20 years of sandblasting experience. Our teams leverage the most efficient abrasive technology to restore and enhance surfaces on time, under budget and based on the client’s unique requirements.

Underground Utilities

We install all underground utilities including sewer, storm, domestic and reclaimed water, gas and joint trench. Our team has the experience and capabilities to provide subsurface utility location, leverage the power of underground utility equipment, and eliminate worksite hazards.

Real Estate Development

Marinship has assisted in the entitlement of thousands of housing units, including land conveyance, development agreements, Mello-Roos, bond insurance and master planning.