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Marinship Development Interest, LLC is a California African American MBE leading heavy building and construction innovation for civil and energy infrastructure initiatives.

Core Values


As the employer of more than 50 San Francisco and Bay Area residents leading our field operations, we know that heavy construction and civil infrastructure projects may expose workers to safety and health hazards. That’s why we’re committed to continually implementing the most reliable procedures and maintaining compliance standards as established by state and federal safety regulations. We take great pride in ensuring that the health and safety of every worksite laborer and employee on our team is prioritized.

COre Values


We provide our clients with planning and construction management services, prioritizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. When our company partners with private owners, state and municipal agencies, we support stakeholders in implementing their highest objectives for economic development, while serving as responsible stewards of project funding.



Our mission is to serve. We hire locally, and we engage skilled laborers in undertaking exciting new challenges in paving their community’s infrastructure. The heavy building and construction projects that we lead help enhance the quality of life for those who live and work in the San Francisco Bay area.

Core Values

Authentic Relationships

The labor forces who invest their expertise into the projects we lead bring experience that shapes the culture of the worksite, thus fueling the spirit of our company. We continually advocate for greater equity, equal opportunity and civil protection for our workforce and their families.



Our dedicated contractor and labor forces are driven by on-the-job experience, operational excellence, and consultative service. In addition to leading heavy building and construction, we have participated in green initiatives involving the development of microgrids and EV charging infrastructure.

We aim to be your most trusted resource for the building of infrastructure.
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